Virtual Styling

Can’t get to Edie? Not to worry! Edie has two ways that you can work with her to achieve your style goals, no matter where
you are! She has created her VIRTUAL STYLE SYSTEM, and she is a featured Stylist on GLAMHIVE.

Each process is structured a bit differently, but one thing is the same, Edie will help you feel confident and comfortable and take the stress out of getting dressed, no matter where you are! Which option is best for you?

Option 1

Edie’s Virtual Styling System

How It Works

Virtual Closet Audit

We will FaceTime while in your closet so I can not only see it, but more importantly, have you try on pieces that you may be wondering about, (their fit or color or general style), OR pieces that you show me that I’m questioning.

Suggestion of Pieces to Purchase

I’ll put together a personalized virtual shopping guide with pictures AND links of pieces that I recommend you purchase to complete your working wardrobe. (Again, by that I mean a wardrobe that WORKS for your life. NOT just “work clothes”). Also, feel free to BRING the guide with you to stores to use while shopping. Lastly, remember that I can join you for a shopping trip!

Virtual Style Session

Now, it’s time to mix and match your clothes and use what you’ve learned so far to make the most out of your wardrobe. I’ll create outfits for you from your own pieces in your own closet!

Your Style

I’ll provide customized examples of how your outfits will look with at LEAST two outfits per page.

Define Your Style. Fill Out Your Style Profile Today!

Option 2




Remember those boots you bought last year? The ones hiding at the back of your closet? Well, they are just what you need to put a pep in your step this fall! I can help you bring those boots (and other chic pieces that you already own) out of hiding with a Closet Detox. In 2-hours, we’ll start to have your wardrobe (and you!) ready for fall!

4 Steps to an Inspired Closet

4 Steps to an Inspired Closet


Your closet should be a place that inspires you, not overwhelms you!

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