Personal Stories

Dena’s Story

I hired Edie because I was entering a new chapter in my life. Dating! I knew perfectly how to occur in the world of professional dress, but I didn’t know how to occur casually for date night in a way that was fun, appropriate and flattering for my body style.

I hired her to “ get a couple of outfits going”. But when I met her, she helped me understand my closet was not edited, it was not powerfully organized so that I could easily access what I did have. It was not inspiring!

I had a lot of clothes but was still missing some of the basic items that were necessary to accomplish my goals. With that in mind, we undertook the closet edit with Edie leading the way! I love my closet now. I can find things and everything in there, fits. The things that were marginal have been donated. The things I love have been reimagined. I feel great about everything in the closet.

On the shopping day Edie went ahead of me and had all the clothes pulled. Within just a few hours we had a great wardrobe en route. And she is a lot of fun!

Oh and the design boards… She created boards that show several outfits with all of the key pieces. Any time I’m at a loss for what to where… I just pull out the design boards and it’s all in my closet. LOVE THAT.

I have really taken to this “more casual me”. These clothes reflect me personality. And I have fun on dates!


Meet Grace

“Prior to meeting with Edie, I lacked confidence in the clothes I wore, feeling as though my outfit choices didn’t represent how I wanted to convey myself to the world. I found my clothes to not fit my body type well. Therefore, when I would go through my closet and search through tons of clothes, I would find little to no outfits I felt proud to wear.

Edie was recommended to me. An hour before even meeting with Edie, she pre-selected clothes and shoes for me to try on. She had a multitude of items laid out and over 70% of the clothes fit and looked great on. I walked out of the store that day with a genuine happiness for having the perfect wardrobe pieces for starting my new job, going out with friends, on a date, or even to go grocery shopping because I finally felt that the clothes I owned made me feel classic and confident.

A few days later, Edie went through my closet and paired the pieces that we bought together with other items of clothes I owned. She created spreadsheets of different pairings of clothes, giving me advice along the way so that I could implement fashionable styling pairings on my own. She also recommended I do something different with my hair, and I feel more confident, sophisticated, and sexy than ever.”

-Grace Hanna, styled by Edith Henry



Jon’s Story

“A friend introduced me to Edie shortly after a particularly difficult time in my life, during which my existing wardrobe was entirely lost. We began talking about how to build out a new wardrobe using certain foundational articles.

We then went shopping, and I arrived to find that she had already picked out suits, jeans, shirts, shoes, and more. We worked through the options and then walked through the store together to round it all out with clothes that I felt comfortable wearing.

A couple of days later she visited my home and worked through my closet to pair items that looked good together. She took pictures and created a “look book” that I could refer to when deciding what to wear.

The entire process was both educational and fun, and as a person who doesn’t particularly like shopping, that is saying a lot!

Edie is highly knowledgeable and easy to work with, and I would recommend her to any man that needs a little help in the what-to-wear department.”

-Jon Slizza, Founder of Qhipas Footwear

“Edie is passionate about what she does and is dedicated to her craft with clothing and design.

“I had the opportunity to work with Edie to select some outfits for a professional photo shoot I was doing for my website. She came to my home and went through my closet to help me find what I could use from what I had. She also looked at all of my jewelry, accessories and shoes to pair those with the outfits. She patiently sat with me as I tried on different things.

It was so helpful having her guidance and encouragement through the process and she made it easy and fun. And, she not only helped me put together the items for the photo shoot, but I also learned tips on how to combine patterns that I never would have thought of before, she gave me ideas on how to work with sleeves and tuck in certain shirts that I had always worn out. It was educational and eye-opening!

She also created a design board of photos that she took of me to reference so that I would know how to put everything together which I have continued to reference. She’s committed to helping people and it is clearly seen through her exceptional love, care and time that she gives to her clients to inspire and empower them to express their best self. Thank you Edie for the wonderful work that you do!”

-Stephanie, Certified Life Coach

"You helped me build a solid and classically fashionable wardrobe with pieces that remain "trendy" over many many years yet do not fall out of fashion."

"You took the time to put me in front of the mirror and explain why the pieces did not work that well. Given my limited wardrobe, you gave me tips on how to alter the piece so that it would look well fitted and give me the confidence I sought when I wore the piece. So, for those favorite pieces, I could keep them but I knew exactly what needed to be done to help me feel "great" when I wear the piece."

"Also, it goes without saying you are the consummate professional with an immaculate sense of urgency. I really appreciate the "last minute" weekend consults you have been willing to give because I failed to plan ahead for "Austin chic" or "American Hustler" or "Western chic" events."

"I find clothes confusing. I can buy beautiful things and end up not wearing them because I just can't figure out how to put them together in a way that looks best for me. That's why I came to you. You kickstarted my ability to create outfits. You gave me a set of outfits in the beginning and inspired my confidence to expand that set as the season(s) progressed."

"You do not make me feel "judged" in any way...while you are working in my closet, in the clothing selections I make (you just make them work for me), in my abilities (or lack thereof) to retain information you have shared with me before on certain finer details of pieces and how they should and should not be worn."

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